Who I Am:

I live in Norman, Oklahoma.  I like grilled cheese sandwiches and snowboarding and karaoke and I have a dog named Ozzie.

Ozzie the dog

That’s him.

I live with my fiance, Justin, who is a professor at the University of Oklahoma. We travel, spend lots of time with our friends, and most nights end up side by side on the couch, working at our respective laptops. Together.

That’s us.

What I Do

Eight years ago I got an internship that turned into a career I love: Search Engine Optimization.  I’ve worked at agencies, I’ve worked in-house at places like Moz (formerly SEOmoz) and GameHouse, and now I have my own SEO consultancy here in Norman. It’s pretty sweet.  The things I say on this blog are my opinions. To the extent that I have an official capacity anywhere, the things that I say on this blog are not said in that official capacity, but in my much more permanent and long-standing official capacity as Ruth Burr.  To view my complete resume, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

What I Believe

I believe that SEO is a business practice. The more we treat it like a business practice, the more effective we’ll be able to be.  I believe it’s time to stop trying to be cowboys or ninjas or hackers and start (or in many of our cases, continue) being marketers.  I created this blog to have a space to talk about the stuff I can’t talk about anywhere else – either because it’s not very tactical or because it’s emotion-driven or because it’s just a crazy little idea that I don’t have any proof for yet.