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Things You Think Aren’t Sexist, But Really Are

There’s been a lot of talk in the industry lately around sexism at conferences, both in selection of speakers and behavior among attendees. With some sexist/outright creepo behavior, it’s pretty easy to tell where the line is (not that that stops some men from gaily trampling over that line). Most of us would agree that outright propositions or full-on groping are not acceptable behavior at an industry conference.

But you, Type of Dude to Whom This Post is Addressed, would never do something like that. You’re one of the good guys. You have no problem with women being successful, and you’re happy to have women speak at conferences. You’d certainly never just outright grope someone. But there are many more subtle behaviors that contribute to an atmosphere of sexism that you may not even be aware of. It’s hard for you to hear that they might be sexist, because you are a good guy and don’t think of yourself as sexist – but there’s room for improvement! So here are some additional things that you can work on. Continue reading

#PubCon Wardrobe Essentials

PubCon is next week!  A 3-day, multi-track panorama of learning and networking in fabulous Las Vegas.  This will be my 4th PubCon, and I’ve learned a thing or two (Don’t forget to eat dinner, bring more business cards than you think you’ll need, make friends with people who don’t drink so you can steal their drink tickets).  One area where I really feel my experience coming in handy this year: packing.

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